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With Safe Langkawi Program, your safe journey starts here. Book your trip with official SafeTravelPass Malaysia portal and experience contactless travel for your next vacation.

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Provide comfort experience for your guests. Airlines, Transport Operators, Hotels, Tour and value-added Service Providers can now connect your guests in one digital system with government multi-agencies, healthcare vendors and stakeholders, we will take care of the rest. Contact Us for more information.

SEH Hotels & Accommodations

Get accredited with “Safe Entry Hotel Certification (SEH)” with Tracvirus E-Cert endorsement, both part of Safe Langkawi Program for standardised COVID-19 good standards of hygiene, health and cleanliness compliance.

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Safe Langkawi Program, Safe Entry Hotel (SEH) Certification, Tracvirus E-Certification does not warrant the accuracy, consistency, and any damages or losses arise from using information of this web site.

TracAPM Digital System is a government system approved, accepted and owned by APM for digitalisation of APM, including facilitation of surveillance processes, border control registration, national security, and civil defence watch purposes. 

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